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Company Autocobestproduct in its production area has three production plants

- Factory of friction products (brake linings for trucks and busses, disc brake pads for passenger and commercial vehicles, friction tape rolls ...)
- Gasket factory (gasket for commercial vehicles and passenger cars, seals for the chemical industry ...)
- Textile Factory (packings  as a heating insulation and sealing, tape and cloth as  thermal protection ...)

Business management company Autocobestproduct making efforts, particularly in the last three years, to become a modern and dynamic company, that they be proud of not only employees but also the social comunity.
We are proud of their long experience in the production and marketing of its products in domestic and foreign markets.




Achieving and maintaining the leading position in the region in the production of spare parts in the automotive industry and textile products for power systems, chemical industry ...
using the highest quality resources and application of modern business standards.

Our mission is to meet the needs of users of our product offering top quality products with the best price / quality ratio.

With reconstruction and modernization of production facilities, as well as the application of the standard ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 14000 and the introduction of new ones, the company provides a safe operation, more economical production, greater confidence in our products and a leading position in the regional market.


Aspirations of management are:


  • To satisfy all the requirements of our customers

  • Quality of products

  • Preventing environmental pollution

  • Constantly improving the quality of products and systems

  • Training and motivation of all employees

  • Achieving a leadership position in the region


Autocobestproduct factory was established in 1935 in Belgrade as JUGOSLAV ASBESTOS AD, in cooperation with the German company TEODOR BURGMANN Asbestos-und Packungswerke, Dresden.
At the beginning of its establishment, the factory produced general purpose gaskets, insulation materials, asbestos packings and tapes and other related isolation products.
1946 ASBESTOS AD was dislocated from Beograd to Mladenovac in the newly built factory of 3000 m2. Factory changed its name to JUGOAZBEST industry asbestos products, and the same year 10 workers produced 30 tonnes of finished products (asbestos packings, metaloplastic gaskets, terpeninske pastes, etc.).
From 1975 to 1978 were carried out important investment activities. Built new production facilities with the necessary infrastructure, contemporary and modern technology and equipment.
Realized cooperation with the German company ELRING DICHTUNGWERKE GmbH in Fellbach for production gasket materials and seals, as well as with the Italian Co. IPERCO SPA SPA TORINO in the production of friction (brake) product.
In 1982, the company rounds out its development projects. The new factory of technical textiles and PTFE (Teflon) products in cooperation with BOSSON Belgium, Switzerland Du Pont and ICI England.
In early 1998, in addition to many important innovations and improvements in the production and quality of products the company is certified Certification EN ISO 9002 in 2000 and ISO 9001 by certification company Rheinisch-Westfälischer TÜV CERT Essen, Germany.
In 2000 with the development of a new generation of products (asbestos-free) and because of stricter environmental requirements, the company focuses on the manufacture of asbestos-free products.
Then and changed its name to JUGOAZBEST COBEST.
At the end of 2003, the social enterprise COBEST be privatized.
2006, the company achieved a major investment by purchasing equipment for the production of asbestos-free friction products of partners from Hungary. Besides a complete plant for the manufacture of friction products the company has purchased know-how that is. knowledge to manufacture.
With this investment the company is fully prepared to respond to market demands for non-asbestos products with excellent quality price ratio.
2011. The company changed its name to the current AUTOCOBESTPRODUCT.


Premium quality production sence 1932